The three little pigs

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The three little pigs and a big bad wolf. The children are role playing the story of ‘the three little pigs and a big bad wolf’.
The 1st little pig built a house of straw
The 2nd little pig built a house of sticks
The 3rd little pig built a house of bricks
Planning, designing and building of houses

Rosebank Early Childhood Centre

Evaluation of Term 2 programme – The 3 little pigs and a big bad wolf

Objectives and the learning outcome of Term 2 programme are proved to be accomplished. Photo evidence and proof of children and teachers working collaboratively in team work in completing tasks and learning experiences are documented. Pictures of children actively involved in team building projects are also enclosed in the centre education programme file.

Everyone had participated in reflective discussions of the story before the term project (building three houses) began. The younger children (under 3 years old) like Dinarah, Alex, Easter, Narnia and Janis enjoyed singing our action song about the 3 little pigs and the 3 houses. That song is becoming one of the favourite action songs in our piano sing-along sessions. Children memorised the story and the characters, even the phrases that each character said, like the wolf saying, “little pig little pig let me in” or the little pig responding, “go away go away”.

Everyone had fun involving in the creating and the building of houses. The over 3 year old children’s ideas of where the doors and windows should be, their shapes and colours were incorporated and designed. The under 3 year old children were actively involved in the structuring and the processing of the houses. They enjoyed cutting, painting, gluing and sticking cardboards, newspapers, sticks, straws and glitters on the walls and the roof.

The children had fun acting and performing the story wearing proper costumes. The children had turns wearing 3 pig masks and the wolf mask. The 3 completed houses, a straw house, a stick house and a brick house were also big parts of the play. The whole drama was video recorded but unfortunately the recording system failed. 

Concepts like pretending, acting, building, fixing, straws, sticks, bricks, 3 little pigs, three houses, the big bad wolf, and lots of others new words were drilled, learnt and verbally spoken or sung by the children and teachers during works and sing-along times. O upu faasamoa foi e pei o le pua’a, fale, fau, lapoa, laititi, o lau ma fasila’au sa faaleo ma a’oa’o ma faaaogaina i talanoaga ma pesepesega.



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Good afternoon Anjiline, Yes we have options to help you and could you please contact the Centre on 0274810656. Thank you.

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I was just wondering on the fee structure. My Son will be 4 in January and is already attending a ECE centre, im just looking around for other option

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