The Principles and Strands of Te Whaariki











Ia a’oa’oina lelei fanau i le poto ma le atamai e fai ma faasinomaga o latou olaga.  
Our children must be educated to gain knowledge and skills to be able to live life to the full.




O la matou Tofa Mamao o loo faavae i le talitonuga o le aoaoga lelei o fanauiti e faamoemoe lea i le maualuga o le tulaga o aoaoga o loo siomia ai i latou e faavae i le alofa ma le atia'eina o latou olaga atoa i le poto ma le atamai mai le Atua. O polokalame e faaogaina ai le Ta'iala mo Aoga Amata a Ni'usila o le Te Whaariki faapea aganuu ma gagana a le Pasifika ma Niusila.
Our philosophy is based on our beleif that young children must be educated in a caring and stimulating environemnt providing them with high quality education to realise their full potential. Our programme is based on New Zealand National Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki weaving it together with the beleifs, values and the cultures and languages of the  Pacific.
We have included here the 4 Principles and 5 Strands of Te Whaariki in English and Samoan  that guide our teaching and learning and professional practice at our centre.


                                          OUR CENTRE PROGRAMME 

Our programme is based on the four Principles and five Strands of Te Whaariki

O le polokalame o loo faavae i Faasinomaga e 4 ma Alafua e 5.

                                                 FAASINOMAGA E FA

                                                  FOUR PRINCIPLES

1. Empowerment                           -            Faaauupegaina o le tagata

2. Holistic Development                 -            Atia'eina o le olaga atoa

3. Family and Community              -            Aiga ma Alaalafaga

4. Relationships                            -            Va Fealoaloa'i


                                              ALAFUA E LIMA

                                              FIVE STRANDS


1. Well-being                      -               Soifua Laulelei

2. Beloging                         -                Soifua Sa'oloto

3. Contribution                   -                Soifua Tautua

4. Communication               -               Soifua Faagaganaina

5. Exploration                     -               Soifua Su'esu'e

 These four Principles and five Strands of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki are inter-woven together into all the learning experiences the children are involved in at our centre.

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30.01 | 18:48

Hi there,
My friend's son is turning 4 yo tomorrow. He is wondering if he can enrol there. His parents know zero english. They are coming tomorrow around 10am

21.11 | 14:54

Good afternoon Anjiline, Yes we have options to help you and could you please contact the Centre on 0274810656. Thank you.

20.11 | 17:40

Hi there,

I was just wondering on the fee structure. My Son will be 4 in January and is already attending a ECE centre, im just looking around for other option

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good post.

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