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                    A science making a mini Volcano with the young children.

Rosebank ECE children use the sandpit for a variety of play experiences, with buckets spaded, logs, oven, different kinds of containers and water play equipment such as funnel. hose strainer, windmill and more measuring liquids and different kinds of buckets, there are floating and sinking materials, such as sponge balls, & Ping-Pong balls to examine what sinks and what floats. Here, the four year old girls ask to do a volcano, Which is the baking soda and white vinegar with an orange or yellow coloring liquid, only that we can only find a red coloring liquid. 

Children learn that fire underneath the mountain causes a volcano. They learn that the fire erupts from the top of the mountain and flow down the sides of the mountains burning all the trees and anything in the way. When the fire cools down it forms a lava of molten rocks. the children work in groups to create their own volcanoes after the demonstration of how to make a volcano on their own. 

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Helen Greene | Reply 30.07.2016 00.48

good post.

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30.01 | 18:48

Hi there,
My friend's son is turning 4 yo tomorrow. He is wondering if he can enrol there. His parents know zero english. They are coming tomorrow around 10am

21.11 | 14:54

Good afternoon Anjiline, Yes we have options to help you and could you please contact the Centre on 0274810656. Thank you.

20.11 | 17:40

Hi there,

I was just wondering on the fee structure. My Son will be 4 in January and is already attending a ECE centre, im just looking around for other option

30.07 | 00:48

good post.

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